The 7 Most Powerful Prayers in History

The 7 Most Powerful Prayers in History

We all face extraordinary circumstances from time to time. We have been advised to handle these times by seeking God in prayer and fasting, to be especially attentive to his words, and the working of the Holy Spirit. If we are receptive to his will, God will provide for our needs and see us though anything.

Prayer can change YOU, and when you change, you make the world change how it relates to you.

In such circumstances, we do well to focus on the most powerful prayers given to us by our forebears. For extraordinary times, here are the seven most powerful prayers in history.

These prayers have the potential to change lives. Some have even changed entire nations. As you pray, consider the power each of these prayers has, and the changes they can make in your life, should you take them to heart.

1. Jesus at Gethsemane

This prayer is perhaps the simplest, yet most profound prayer one can recite. Spoken by Jesus, it demonstrates how we must accept God’s will, even when we don’t like it. By accepting the will of God, we can be transfigured. Sometimes, the cup comes to us, thy will be done.

“Father, if you are willing, take this cup away from me. Nevertheless, let your will be done, not mine.”

(Luke 22:42)