A Prayer To Pray In Uniting Suffering to the Cross

My hope is in Jesus, my only treasure is the Cross…I will bless the Lord at all times and His praise shall be always in my mouth. I adore the will of my God.

What does it matter to me’ O beloved and lovable will of God, if you take from me all earthly goods, reputation, honor, health, and life; what does it matter that you make me descend into the depth of humiliations. What does it matter – if, I find the hidden fire of Thy heavenly love? How happy I should be if I could die for Thee and for my fellow creatures.

Jesus, Priest and Victim, I unite the sacrifice of my life and the cross I carry to Thy blood shed for me. I shelter myself in Thy wounds and I expect all strength from Thee. My heart is ready, O Lord, my heart is ready. I only wish to do all for Thy greater glory. I rely upon Thy strength when the supreme moment comes and not upon my own. I have put my hopes in Thy mercy. I recommend to Thee all to whom I may die indebted, and I beg Thee, that having given my life and my blood for them, my friends will pay my debts after my death.