12 Things to give up as a Catholic During Lent

The start of Lent is nearly here, and you may be starting to think about what you could give up this year.

February 14 is the first day of Lent, marking the start of 40 days of fasting in the Christian calendar (excluding Sundays).

Christians use this period to remember the 40 days Jesus spent fasting in the desert resisting the temptations of Satan.

Some people may choose to give up something they enjoy in life, such as chocolate.

Here are 12 things you could give up for Lent this year

1. Social media

If you find yourself checking Facebook every time you have a spare minute you might be more connected to your social media than you would like to be. You don’t have to delete your profile to beat the habit though. Simply uninstall the app on your phone and see how you do without it there.

It will decrease the time you spend checking your feed as it is no longer at your finger tips. The break might come as a refreshing surprise – you might even end up having an actual face to face conversation


2. That Persistent Habit

Whether it is cursing, gossiping, or something else this is a good time to kick it. Hopefully when Lent is over you can keep it up.

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3. Your Bed

Giving up your bed is a great sacrifice. Do it for the Lord and he will give you comfort in you heart, maybe not your back.

4. Your Usual Bedtime

Maybe pick 10 p.m. to be the time you have to go to bed. This will cause you to have to get all your stuff done beforehand and will actually be a good change for your body. Taking care of the gift He gave you.

5. Your Usual Wake-Up Time

You can pick a time in the morning you have to be up no matter what. This will give you more time and some of that can be devoted to God.

6. Food

You can fast from a certain food or actually fast during lent. Fasting in the Catholic Church is one normal meal and two small meals that when put together is not a big meal.

Things to add

1. Daily Prayer Time

Choosing a set amount of time that you will go into the chapel every day and pray. Praying in the chapel can be very fruitful.

2. Daily Rosary

Saying the rosary is a great weapon against sin. It gives us the protecting of Our Lady. Maybe you can keep it up after Lent.

3. The Blessed Sacrament

You can do this in adoration or daily mass. You can even do a mixture of the two. Sometimes we do not see the graces we receive from the Eucharist but being in his presence for forty day you will see a change in yourself.

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4. An Act Of Kindness A Day

Finding someone to help everyday is a great thing to do during Lent.

5. The Bible Or Any Catholic Book

Having readings to focus on during Lent is a great way to spend the season. Pray and pick the right one for you; what God needs you to hear.

6. A Heroic Minute

Say a prayer the minute you wake up. This will help you start off your day with God in mind.