This Christmas Prayer Will Bring You to Tears…. For Catholics Expecting a Miracle this Season

I am a strong believer in Miracles and I pass on the Word of God every day in my own post online. I stronger believe that I am blessed and have much work to perform for God. My work is of light and of hope and of empowerment to create the financial freedom to those who struggle.

With all this work that I do, I have not been able to help myself or my family. Why? I am not sure. My husband is mentally disabled with bipolar/manic depression, I caretake for his 91yr old mother at our house and I have two extremely intelligent boys, both in the national honour society.

I Am Blessed with people that love me, I am grateful every day for the daily gifts of love and food that I can provide enough to not have us go to sleep hungry. I am self-employed with a business that helps others become financially free, my business gives hope and a new future to anyone who wants to do the same for others. I have not been able to partner with anyone who has that same passion as of yet.

I need a miracle to occur. I need to find someone who has the same desires to help others, I need to find a partner that has the same passion to spread our light to the world. I need to find someone that can create a Christmas morning for my two boys and family. You see, I have hit rock bottom this year.

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I have absolutely no money to pay my bills, put a balanced meal on our table and I have no presents to share for my boys on Christmas morning, I pray and seek prayers for a Christmas miracle. Please come together with me and pray for me. I have never asked for prayers although I pray for everyone. People come to me for prayers daily and I have synergized with my friends of faith and God and have invoked miracles for others. Saw one occur this week!

Today, as I prayed tearfully before my God, on my knees and desperately humbled, I heard Him tell me to seek prayers online, I do believe I am meant to humble myself before all of my online followers to testify to my own miracle. So i ask you again, please pray for me and my family.

Please ask our Lord to reveal to me, Who my business partner of hope and financial freedom will be. Please allow money to come to my bank account before Christmas to allow me to provide small miracles of smiles for my boys who should not have to wake up to a depressed Christmas morning with no presents. Not when they know how hard their mom works for others.

Please pray that they can keep that faith of knowing that when we help others and pray for others, we shall never lack ourselves. We should always be grateful and share our blessings. I thank you for your prayers.