The Last 7 Most Powerful Words Of Jesus Christ

A Word of Prayer

Father Forgive’ them for they know not what they do.’ Luke 23:34

What profound words from the lips of one who taught us to bless those who persecute us, and to forgive our debtors(Mathew 6:12) Instead of ‘destroy’ or ‘judge’ Jesus calls for forgiveness. He’s praying for His tormentors and dying for them at the same time. As blood flows from His wounds, forgiveness flows from His words. Have you truly been forgiven for your sins? Have you forgiven those who have hurt you? Take a moment and linger here at the cross to pray for the supernatural Grace of Christ’s forgiveness.


A Word of Pardon

‘Today you will be with me in paradise’ Luke 23:43

This revolting, reprobate robber becomes the only person at the crucifixion scene to openly confess Jesus as “Lord.” From his own Tree of Death he pleads for life. While his broken body was suspended high in the air, his broken heart was bowed low before the Lord of Glory. What kind of prayer posture reflects your heart. Once we finally come to the end of ourselves, we’ll see the glorious Savior’s perfect work for us. Will you trust Him today as your savior and Lord?

A Word of Paternity

‘…He said unto his mother, Woman, behold thy son! Then saith He to the disciple, Behold thy mother!’ John 19:26,27

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Whether it’s a dying soldier or a death-row inmate, the last words are almost always a call for mother. She holds a special place in her son’s heart.Yet as Jesus dies, His last words addressing His mother are divinely different. In the crucible of His greatest pain and suffering, He shows deep paternal care for His mothers pain and suffering. Rather than cry out for relief from her, Jesus speaks gracious words of blessing and care to her. As blood flows from His wounds, life flows from His words as He takes care of Mary His earthly Mom and John his beloved disciple. Pray today for the Lord to use your pain as a way to comfort and bless someone else in your life, and watch Him work!


A Word of Pain

My God, my God why hast thou forsaken me?’ Matthew 27:46

Jesus Christ’s fourth saying from the cross embodies the most intense pain and hell ever suffered. Galatians 3:13 says “Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree” Did you know that The pain and darkness Jesus bore in this moment was your pain and darkness. Today, will you trust Christ as your savior and the healing He offers? He alone feels your pain and can transform your life. Receive His perfect offer of salvation.


A Word of Passion

‘I Thirst’ John 19:28

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Here At the cross hanging on the brink of death, we hear the source of “Living Water” cry “I thirst.” Having experienced an intense level of pain prior to His crucifixion, the Man of Sorrows must now endure a greater agony on the Tree of Death. It was a physical pain so notorious that the word “excruciating” is derived from the Latin word “crucis,” meaning “cross” or “crosslike.” Yet the briefest of the seven Cross statements, uttered in these two words, “I thirst,” was the only statement where Jesus refers to His discomfort. This most fascinating little statement summarizes much of what’s commonly referred to as the “Passion of the Christ.” Give thanks to Jesus today for the ‘thirst’ He experienced so that we could be satisfied & never thirst again!

A Word of Perfection

‘It is Finished’ John 19:30

Here Jesus proclaims victory over sin and death! He hung on the tree of death so we can eat of the tree of life. ‘The veil is torn, New life is born and man has been set free. Now life is here and hope is real because of that rugged tree.’ Even with all of our moral efforts and good deeds, it is impossible to surpass the perfect work of Christ on the Cross. Yet in the name of religion mankind tries to earn the favor of God that could only be earned by the “finished” work of Christ. Jesus paid it all! Will you bow your heart to Him and, by faith, trust His finished work of salvation? Let His finished work be your new beginning!

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A Word of Peace

‘Into Thy hands I commend My spirit’ Luke 23:46

The Son of God’s hands are nailed to the Tree of Death and all the while He is yielding His life into His Father’s hands. His hands and feet are eternally involved in our salvation. What better way to live and to die, than in the perfect place of the hands of the Father. The War is over, the Battle is won. The Prince of Peace now ‘rests in peace’. Is your life marked by His perfect peace? Will you commit your life into the mighty hands of God and trust Jesus Christ as your savior? You can experience His lasting peace today.