Did You Know that the Marriage Ring Can Have the Force of an Exorcism?

Carrying it is always a good protection

If iron, silver or gold, or of any alloy, the small ring that is placed on the fingers acquired a higher significance than it had in pagan antiquity as soon as the Church constituted it as a symbol of indissoluble alliance between the two spouses.

Of course, the Jews and the Romans – and even other pagan peoples are believed – had the habit of having the man put a ring on his pinky to his future wife, but it was a ring with a different meaning. It was a vote of confidence giving him a replica of the ring or personal seal that he wore on his thumb with which he used to scrap his confidential letters and contracts. Custom more of the upper classes than of the popular classes.

However, it is a different thing for him and her, of any social class, to exchange bridal rings on the day of the wedding and get used to placing it on the ring finger of the left hand, well next to the heart where it feels more the pulse of the powerful organ that symbolizes the love that should be only for God.

It may sound very romantic and even sentimental, but the custom that was born this way in the sixth century Europe spread throughout the planet and even today under any religious nomination or culture, marriages exchange rings in the already universally called ring finger left.

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In some countries, they are called “alliances” and it is usual for them to solemnly enter the temple on an elegant small pillow carried in the hands of a young pajecillo. During the application of the sacrament, the priest blesses and sprinkles them with holy water, and immediately invites the bride and groom to mutually place them repeating words of commitment, fidelity and love.

Of course, this little ceremonial included in the sacrament is not obligatory, nor will its absence invalidate a marriage. Dignified by the supernatural solemnity, as only the Church could have conceived it for the greater glory of God and consolidation of conjugal love, it transmits greater meaning to the mutual agreement of a couple.

But the nuptial ring can become a true sacramental condition such as the so-called Piscatorio or fisherman’s ring, the one that is attached to the new pontiff once proclaimed after the conclave. Or like the one that religious receive from cardinals and bishops to nuns.

Blessed and elevated in status, the wedding ring goes from being a simple arito, whether it be of modest iron, to becoming an instrument of consecrated life as if it were also a profession of religious life, full of sacrifices and sanctifying sacrifices.

Sign of prayer of the Church for their children, available to receive thanks and other effects for the spiritual life, and may even have the force of an exorcism against temptations and attacks of evil spirits that induce adultery and fornication.

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Always carry that ring, more than an act of love and fidelity or a conjugal duty, it is better to have good protection , since it is well said that once the conjugal couple is constituted, God assigns a special angel to her, and its purpose is to protect and protect them individually according to marriage as “one flesh” that are already both. One flesh was before God took Eve out of Adam’s side, one flesh is now again until death separates them and in Heaven they are like angels. (Mc 12,25).

Source: es.aleteia.org