Woman on the Brink of Death tells how She Received a Miracle in Lourdes

The 69th miracle was recognized by the medical commission at the Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes, France

The doctors at the Sanctuary of Lourdes have recognized a new miracle: there are now 69 miracles certified by the Medical-Scientific Commission of this Marian shrine in France.

This is the case of the Italian Danila Castelli, the wife of a gynecologist, a mother of four, who suffered from hypertension with severe and frequent seizures. The woman’s healing occurred when she was 43 years old, on May 4, 1989, in the pools of the Sanctuary of Lourdes.

Her mutilated and weakened body felt an inexplicable relief as she visited in prayer the cave of the apparition of the Virgin Mary to Bernardette Sobirou on February 11, 1858.

“We are called Lourdes, just as Bernadette was called. Looks like we’re just curious. But it is She (the Virgin) who calls us. It was a hell of a trip. I was very bad when we arrived … and on the fourth day I was cured, “said Castelli.

“I could not take it anymore. My husband told me to pack your bags. When you know you’re about to die, you think the strangest things. ‘It must be the last romantic trip,’ I thought.

I could not stand. He told me, “Let’s go to Lourdes,” Castelli says in a touching video testimony.

The cure was recognized by the bishop of Pavia (Italy), Giovanni Giudici, and certified by a medical commission of 100 experts and an international scientific commission in Paris.

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“The statement came after a medical and theological evaluation to testify to Mrs. Castelli’s certainty. She lived as a woman and mother-in-law usually up to age 34. Then, in 1980, he began to have crises of hypertension, fainting spells, neuro-behavioral crises, “said Dr. Di Franciscis, president of the Commission in Lourdes.

“In the pools I healed myself. I just wanted the Lord to take me, to be the end. I could not stand it any more, nor the others. “

“The priest said to me, ‘If you are going to ask for death, remember that you will go with all your sins. Because I do not absolve you if you make this request. ‘”

We should all always ask for life. I was ashamed, because there were people in worse condition than mine. So I asked for my life, at least a little more, so that I could dedicate myself to my children, “says Mrs. Castelli.

In 1982, Castelli began surgical procedures to remove part of the uterus and pancreas. By 1983, the diagnosis was severe, and physical maladies had reached several parts of his body.

After seven years of operations and treatments, waiting to organize a new treatment trip to the USA, the husband then decided to take her to Lourdes.

Ms. Castelli’s husband is an Iranian doctor residing in Italy who was also touched by the miracle. Since her adolescence, she has always wanted to visit the Marian Shrine. However, to her husband, even being converted to Catholicism, this seemed an absurd idea in the context of the disease.

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“The bath was fast. My husband came by a voice to see me. That day, in May 1989, she received the second miracle: the faith of her husband, who told her: ‘I know that everything has passed, you were right.’ “

The third miracle was forgiveness. “You’re right, I forgive.” A family destroyed by the disease, but also by the legal dispute against some doctors. “Forgiveness was part of the miracle.”

Finally, after a long and painful illness, when she returned to the hotel, she realized that she had been cured.

“A few months later she returned to Lourdes to talk to us,” said Dr. Di Franciscis.

The recognition of the miracle lasted for decades. In 2010, the Medical-Scientific Commission of Lourdes unanimously decreed a definitive and lasting cure in time.

Thus it was verified that the evils that for more than 21 years afflicted Mrs. Castelli had disappeared without scientific explanation. In 2011, another international commission evaluated the diagnosis in the clinical setting and confirmed the miracle.

Then the bishop of Pavia set up another diocesan commission to study healing. It’s definitely an unexplainable miracle. “The bishop recognized the prodigious healing as a ‘sign’ of the healing performed by Jesus in the Gospels,” said Dr. Di Franciscis.

“Before I loved Jesus with him on the cross, now he asked me to love him healed,” says Castelli.

“Withdrawal from death to start walking … I felt free to say yes or no. I still sin. The miracle made me normal. Holiness will come to an end … I am normal as a creature with its miseries and weaknesses. Jesus does not betray his friends. “

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“I am happy to communicate this joy, when I come to Lourdes I feel the joy of communicating God,” he added

In Lourdes, at the foot of the Pyrenees, a young woman appeared to a teenage girl named Bernadette Soubirous when she was 14 in a series of five-month visions between February and July 1858.

Introducing herself as the Immaculate Conception, the Virgin Mary invited to penance, prayer and conversion of sins; also asked that a Sanctuary be built there.

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