The “Miracle” of Our Lady Aparecida in the Life of Father Reginaldo Manzotti

“I am a living fruit and witness of the intercessory power of Our Lady Aparecida,” said the priest

Everyone knows that Father Reginaldo Manzotti is a great devotee of Our Lady Aparecida. The devotion that is brilliantly portrayed in the song “Protect me, oh! Mother “, which he composed



In a recent article, the priest revealed the origin of such devotion: ” I am a living fruit and witness of the intercessory power of Our Lady Aparecida … I am the living miracle of a prayer of my mother, who, when I see myself born strangled by the umbilical cord, after being hastily baptized, I was consecrated to Our Lady Aparecida, “he wrote.

The priest also revealed that his mother decided to honour Our Lady, giving him the name of Reginaldo Aparecido Manzotti.

In the article, the priest still remembered the 300 year anniversary of Aparecida and said that, as he always does, he will join the thousands of pilgrims who go to the National Shrine:

“Few know, but every year I visit the National Shrine to thank Our Lady. I thank you for my life, for my family, for my priesthood, but especially for all the testimonies, I receive daily from cures, gestations, understandings, and discernment, finally, for the grace of Our Lady in the lives of all.

In another article, he had already referred to the “intercessory power of Our Lady”: ” There is not a moment in my life that I can not see Our Lady protecting and protecting me. And I can not understand how at times one can doubt the intercession of Our Lady. We have a Mother, we are not orphans, and if a mother here on earth draws her mouth to give to her children, imagine Our Lady, who is all holy, pure, immaculate and full of love. ”

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The Festival of the 300 years of Aparecida goes until the 12 of October. The Schedule can be checked on the website of the National Shrine.



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