How to make Mother Mary direct angels to help you.

Virgin Mary, Queen of Angels, Has a Mother’s Heart of Love

Virgin Mary, Queen of Angels, Has a Mother’s Heart of Love

There’s nothing like a mother’s love and guidance to heal broken relationships. The Virgin Mary, often called Mother Mary because of her role in faiths like Christianity and Islam as a spiritual mother to humanity, is a powerful resource to call on when you’re trying to restore estranged relationships. As Queen of Angels, Mary can also direct angels to help you. Here’s how to work with Mary and her angelic assistants to heal relationships:

Pray about Each Broken Relationship in Your Life

Mary’s main message in her many miraculous apparitions worldwide is that prayer is important. She urges people to pray as often as they can and emphasizes the real power that prayer has to make miracles happen.

What relationships need to be healed in your life right now?

Did you have a disagreement with a sibling who is no longer speaking to you? Has your spouse betrayed your trust through an affair? Is one of your children not listening to your guidance because of anger? Has a friend failed to be there for you during a crisis?

Pour out your thoughts and feelings about each of those relationships specifically in prayer. Talk to Mary just as you would talk to a mother who listens gently and cares intensely, since Mary is a mother for you and everyone else involved in your relationships.

Ask Mary to Guide the Guardian Angels of Everyone Involved

One especially powerful way to clear up misunderstandings and resolve conflicts between different people is to have their guardian angels talk about it together. Mary is a great angelic leader who regularly guides vast amounts of angels during their missions on earth. If you ask Mary to advise the guardian angels assigned to each person in your relationships — your own guardian angel, plus those who care for the other people you’re trying to relate to better — she will direct their conversations and coordinate spiritual efforts for healing.

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Since guardian angels often help people by changing their thoughts from negative ones to positive ones, they can take the wisdom they gain from communicating with Mary and each other and deliver it in messages to people’s minds. The guardian angels of all involved can send steady streams of positive messages, helping you and the other people see each other as God does: as people worthy of love and respect. The angels, under Mary’s direction, can also give you all God’s perspective on the circumstances that led your relationships to break down. They can suggest new ideas for solving the problems between you.

Do Your Part to Follow the Guidance You’ve Received

Stay in touch regularly with Mary and the angels through prayer or meditation, carefully listening to the messages you perceive. Pay attention to the inspiring messages in your dreams, as well, because Mary or the angels may communicate through your dreams. Ask for clarification about any information you receive that you don’t understand. Then commit to taking action on whatever you sense Mary and her angelic messengers leading you to do.

While you can’t control what other people say or do in response to the way Mary and the angels have communicated with them, you can act on guidance yourself. You have the power to improve any situation even if you’re the only one changing, because the changes you make transform the dynamic of every relationship of yours. At the very least, you’ll be able to experience more peace about a broken relationship and move on. But if others change, too, you all can experience reconciliation and grow closer.

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The first challenge Mary and the angels will likely urge you take is forgiving each other for the hurts and offenses that came between you. Forgiveness is an essential step for all of you to take to be able to successfully move closer in the relationship. Even though it can feel difficult and even impossible to forgive when you’re dealing with wounded emotions, God will always empower you to so when you pray for help. Mary and the angels she leads can accompany you step by step as you go through the forgiveness process, as well.

Next steps for healing a broken relationship will depend on what needs to be done to solve problems, set healthy boundaries, and rebuild trust between you all. The good news is that Mary and the angels will be there for you constantly, ready to help with whatever you need along the way. Just like a loving human mother, Mary will continue to guide and encourage you whenever you contact her. But as your spiritual mother, Mary will also send angels on missions of love for you and your family and friends.