Powerful Prayer to God for Help with problems in Life

Calm my troubled mind
(a prayer asking God for help with a difficult problem in life)

Dear Lord,

Calm my troubled mind
Still my worried heart
Guide my endless thoughts
Come and leave your mark.

Shelter my tired body
Lift my heavy soul
Quiet my deepest fears
Come and make me whole.

Carry my deepest hurt
Cover my open wounds
Restore my abandoned dreams
Come and hold my life.

Open my ears to hear
Shower my life with praise
Full up my thoughts with truth
Stay by me every day.

Prayer for help with a problem in life

Dear Father,

I really need your guidance, your voice, your heart and your words in this decision. I lay all the complexities and factors before you. I choose to give all these thoughts to you and trust that you are with me.

I trust in your guidance in my life. I long to serve you, to walk beside you and to love you Lord. Please come and lead me at this time. 


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