Powerful Prayers For Women (Wives)

Prayers for Sensitive Wives

Dear God, I pray for wives who are sensitive and wives who suffer from depression. May you bind the enemy and set these wives free from the burden of depression. Carry the weight off their shoulders and show them their value. Help them to not dwell on the nega- tive or the thoughts that leave them depressed. Please send encourage- ments everyday to remind them of your love for them in Jesus name Amen!

Prayer Of Reconciliation

Thank You for the gift of reconciliation. I pray that my husband and I would continue to grow to understand the gift of reconciliation and how You have made it possible to do this in marriage. I pray that we remain humble and that nothing ever stands between us. I pray that we are willing for apologize and forgive often in Jesus’ name AMEN!

Prayer for Strength

Pear God, I lift up women to You who feel exhausted. I pray You would give us all an abundance of energy. Help us to rely on You and to call out to You when we are in need. I pray we would ask You for strength and believe that You will provide for us. Help us to be diligent with our day and the responsibilities we have been given, despite our exhaustion. I also pray we would not neglect our husbands because of being tired. Give us energy in Jesus’ name AMEN!

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Prayer for wife and husband

God, we submit our plans to You. My husband and I love to consider our steps and our future together. I pray that as we plan, we consider what Your will is for usA pray that we let You lead us. I pray that we can clearly communicate our hopes, desires and expectations. I pray against the enemy and his schemes to distract us from our plans. Help us to set goals that align With Your will for us in Jesus’ name AMEN!