A Powerful Wednesday Prayer to Jesus and Mary for Healing and Grace

We thank you for the love, strength, and consolation that families give to those who are ill.

With cold and flu season raging, many of us are dealing with sick family members. Here is a prayer, adapted from one published by the bishops of Spain, to get us through:

Lord, you bless us
with the gift of family.

We thank you for the love, strength, and consolation
that families give to those who are ill.

Turn your loving gaze upon us
and protect us each day, and today.

May this difficult moment
serve to unite the members of this family
so that each of us begins to be more concerned about others
and becomes capable of more openly showing our love for each other
and our faith in you.

Lord, accompany us on our journey
and bless us with your grace
so we feel your closeness and aid
as we care for our ill family member(s),
and suffer and rejoice with them.

Prayer for Spiritual Healing

Heavenly Father, thank you for loving me and for calling me to come closer to you;

Thank you for never giving up on me even if I have often strayed away from you.
For the many times you have been faithful to your promises despite all
my unfaithfulness, sins, failures, and weaknesses.

Thank you for your concern for my spiritual life and for planting in
me this desire to draw closer to you.

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Thank you for your healing mercy and forgiveness for the many ways
I have offended you in my thoughts, words and actions.
I come before you now with a humble heart asking, seeking, knocking and
hoping to experience your loving healing presence.

I come seeking healing for many times of prayerlessness due to laziness
or giving higher priority to my other interests and activities.
Heal me for the times I have depended on my own efforts
or the efforts of others and disregard you.

For the times I was blinded by my self-centeredness and many
worldly concerns and easily gave in to temptations.
Search me, O God, and help me see the areas in my life that need
your healing love and mercy.

Create in me a clean heart.
Give me the grace to put you as first priority in my life at all times
and to turn away from sin or occasions and influences that lead to sin.
Teach me to pray and give me the desire to pray as often as I can.

Lift me up when my prayer seems dry and empty when I feel
as though my prayers are not being heard.
Strengthen me with patience and perseverance when trials
and obstacles make me feel like giving up.

Guide me in the right path that leads only to you.
And dearest Lord, draw me near to you always, and let my spirit
be filled with your power and healing presence.

I pray these in Jesus’ name through Mary and all the angels and saints.

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