Prayer of Healing for Heart Patients, the Sick and Dying

Saint John of God, Patron Saint of Heart Patients, the Sick and Dying and Hospital Workers

St. John of God followed every impulse of his heart all his life. His obvious challenge was to discern what was from the Holy Spirit and what was from his own human temptations. He ran away from home in Spain at age eight, never to see his parents again, after hearing a priest speak of new missionary opportunities in their 16th century world. John worked as a shepherd, mercenary, servant, laborer, dockworker, and book peddler. As a soldier he fell away from Christ, but returned through a major conversion.

Finally, through Mary’s intercession, John of God discerned his true vocation and started a hospital for all the poor and sick in Granada. One memorable time John rushed into a blazing hospital, saving the patients and part of the structure. He died after a futile attempt to save a drowning boy. His motto was: “Labor without stopping. Do all the good works you can while you still have the time. ”


Prayer of Healing for Heart Patients, the Sick and Dying and Hospital Workers

Dear Saint John of God, after a sinful life, through the power of God’s Word you learned to love your fellow human beings.Saint John of God, I honor thee as the Patron of the Sick, especially of those who are afflicted by heart disease. I choose thee to be my patron and protector in my present illness. To thee I entrust my soul, my body, all my spiritual and temporal interests, as well as those of the sick throughout the world. To thee I consecrate my mind, that in all things it may be enlightened by faith above all in accepting my cross as a blessing from God; my heart, that thou doth keep it pure and fill it with the love for Jesus and Mary that burned in thy heart; my will, that like thine, it may always be one with the Will of God.

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Self-sacrificing, you founded the Society of Hospital Brothers.Through thine intercession may I obtain the grace from Jesus and Mary to fulfill faithfully all the duties of my state of life and to practice those virtues which are needful for my salvation. Help me to belong to God and Our Lady in life and in death through perfect love. May my life, like thine, be spent in the untiring service of God and my neighbor.

We ask you to please intercede for all that suffer weakness and diseases of the heart, as well as any other illness.

Teach us to be kind like you.

In Jesus’ name.