Say this Powerful Prayer To Your Guardian Angel… He will Answer

Holy Guardian Angel, you were given to me at the beginning of my life as a protector and companion. Poor sinner that I am, I, (name) want to consecrate myself to you today in the presence of my Lord and God, Mary, my Celestial Mother, and all the angels and saints.
I want to unite myself to you today and never more be separated from you.

United intimately with you, I promise to be faithful and obedient to my Lord and God and the holy Church.
I promise to always proclaim Mary as my Queen and Mother and to make her life be a model for mine.

I promise to proclaim my faith in you, my holy protector, and zealously promote the devotion to the holy angels as being, in a special way, protection and help during this time of spiritual struggle for the Kingdom of God.

I ask you, holy Angel of the Lord, all the strength of divine love so that I may be inflamed by it; I ask that my union with you may be for me a protecting shield against the enemy’s assaults.

Finally, I ask you, my holy Guardian Angel, for the most holy Virgin’s grace of humility to preserve me from all dangers so that guided by you I may reach the Heavenly Homeland.