A True Life Story: The Stress Was Killing Me… The Holy Rosary changed his life

Take the Holy Rosary in your hands and recite it, in each Hail Mary ask him to teach you to stand and hope with any difficulty ..

The other day I was having breakfast in my house, when suddenly they touched the door desperately, I ran to see who it was and I found Mr. Jorge crying:

– Father, how can I get rid of all the stress I have? I can not take it anymore, my dad is in the hospital, my mom can hardly walk anymore, my wife is angry because I take care of my parents and at work they want to say goodbye to me, I feel like I’m going crazy, I do not know what to do.

– I am glad that you have come, we are going to the chapel, someone is waiting for you … look at the face of the Virgin Mary for a moment, see how much peace and tranquility she has.

– Yes father, I know and I’m so needed, I feel I can not .

– Son, she is the one who can give you the peace you long for, because she did not have an easy life, there were always problems , imagine how difficult it was to tell Joseph that he was waiting for the Son of God, think about what he felt they called his drunken, blasphemous son remembers when the poor girl had to go look for him because they said he had gone crazy … sad to know that Jesus was being judged and then condemned to death, tries to see her following his beloved son on his back with the cross, bleeding and being humiliated, tries to feel his pain at seeing him crucified and then died in his arms … is not it true that his life was not easy?

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– It’s true, Father Sergio, his life was not easy.

– And in spite of all that pain and suffering he never lost hope, never stopped trusting , throughout his life his faith reminded him that God’s plans were perfect and that dark and difficult everything would go well … And with grace from God he drew strength to stand firm and with peace, and also he has accompanied us for many years to all his children who came to his aid as a good mother …

At that moment we both knelt before the Virgin of Fatima, I gave her my Rosary and said:

– Jorge: Mary, your Mother, she had a lot of confidence and that’s why even in the midst of the worst storms she always came out ahead, I invite you not to worry so much, better take care of yourself and ask her how she did it.  Take the Holy Rosary in your hands and recite it, in each Hail Mary ask her to teach you to stand and hope with any difficulty , pray to the Virgin and then come and tell me how you are going with that stress … you will see that everything will be different. “

Jorge started crying and said:

– Father, I promise the Blessed Mother before you that I will pray the Rosary every day, I will ask her to sustain me and to fill me with hope to know that everything will turn out well with the help of her Son Jesus.

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… a few days later I found it in the San Pablo Bookstore:

– Father, how much I thank God to put him in my way, now I pray to the little Virgin every day and I feel so good … I am no longer alone, now the Virgin helps me.  That day I was looking for how to de-stress, and you gave me something better , taught me the power of prayer to the Virgin Mary with the Holy Rosary. “

How happy I was, once again my Heavenly Mother continues to help us and accompany us all her children. Please never stop praying the Holy Rosary!