A Thursday Prayer for Joyful Intimacy with God

Prayer throughout the week is essential for our spiritual lives. The Lord desires to fill us with His stillness, adoration, and bliss. Through focused time with the Lord, we come before Him to know His heart and will for our lives. The Lord gives us greater joy the more we come to know Him through relationship.

A Thursday Prayer for Joyful Intimacy with God

Dear Lord,

We thank You for this Thursday. Father, with a world so full of despair, we long for true joy. We know that true joy comes from You. You have set within our hearts the craving for intimacy with You, and so today we ask for more of the Holy Spirit within us and surrounding us to fill us with jubilant exultation.

Lead us into a place of peace in being in Your presence, oh Lord. Reveal to us the hidden truth of Your heart and Your intent for us. Delight our own hearts and eyes with the wonder of Your splendor and the treasure of Your adoration for us. True happiness comes from knowing You, oh God.

Teach us how to be more like Your Son. Set within us the yearning to lean and press into You when things are calm or tumultuous. Deeply and sincerely it is our hope to belong to the kingdom, and to know the Spirit of the one true God.

Fill us with You, oh Lord.

In Jesus name, Amen.

Prayer daily brings us into alignment with the Father.

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Throughout the Word of God, His heart and intentions to know us and for us to know Him are evident. From the foundations of Eden, He intended us to be in communion and close relationship with Him. This was proven most when He sent His only Son, Jesus, to walk among those of the earth and teach them His heart.

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