Can Singing be a Form of Prayer?

Saint Augustine – a passage that gave rise to the saying Qui bene cantat bis orat, who sings well prays twice, often attributed to Augustine.

Harold Eugene Crow, Student of Jesus Christ (2000-present)Answered July 20, 2017

According to Jesus, prayer is to be done secretly. This may seems to exclude singing a song as being a prayer, but it actually doesn’t. It really depends on each persons inward thoughts about the song.

Music can bring out emotions in a person. A song may ignite a desire, longing, or speak to someone specifically about something troubling to them. It can also bring a feeling of joy over a certain circumstance in their life. This hidden thought that is not apparent to everyone else would be the actual prayer or thankfulness that the person is expressing towards God.

I wrote a song titled ‘Walking With Jesus’ which I will every so often lead service with. The song was inspired by a friend whom I had asked if he had accepted Jesus as his savior. His response was, ‘I’m thinking about.’ To me, what was there to think about.

At that time I used to walk around the neighborhood where I lived and pray. If anyone asked me why I walked (this was in the early 70s), I told them I was walking with Jesus. After asking my friend the question, these daily strolls of at least a mile (probably more) were consumed with questions of how could I convince him the necessity of him accepting the salvation of the Lord.

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Usually after the walk, I would sit a play my guitar. I had written a few songs by that time, so I was always trying to think of something else to write. I began to strum a chord pattern in the key of Am with what is called a cha-cha beat. Quickly, the inspiration for a song that would be a prayer for him began to come to me.

I wrote the 1st verse very quickly, but didn’t like what it was saying. The 2nd line was what troubled me, ‘Grant me all that I ask for.’ It seemed way to self-indulging or something. I let the song sit with one verse for about 6 months, occasionally trying to come up with a line to replace that one which would not sound so selfish. I finally realized that what the rest of the song would say would not be selfish at all cause it was all about others coming to the knowledge of the saving grace of Christ. With that settled in my mind, it only took a about 15 minutes to finish the song. The guy I had in mind heard the song and liked it, but never knew that I wrote it with him in mind.

Walking With Jesus

Father hear my prayer tonight.
Grant me all that I ask for.
For you see, my brethren there in doubt.
They can’t see why I love you.

I’m walking with Jesus.
I’m walking with Jesus.
Oh, brethren want you join me.
Come walking with Jesus.
Come walking with Jesus.
Can’t you see He loves thee?

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Father please forgive them.
For they cannot see what their doing.
For Satan has blinded their eyes.
Help them come back to you.


Father thank you for all that you have done.
Thank you for loving me.
I know you will help my brethren tonight.
Pretty soon they’ll join me.

2nd Chorus
And we’ll be walking with Jesus.
Yes we’ll be walking with Jesus.
Oh brethren want you join me.
Come walking with Jesus.
Come walking with Jesus.
Can’t you see He loves thee.

I’m walking with Jesus
I’m walking with Jesus
Oh brethren please join me.

Here is a video of me playing and singing the song>

By the way, when I perform the song in church and everyone sings it with me, there is a secret of why I chose to do the song that week. But the reason is a secret between me and God, thus the reason is still a secret just between God and me as Jesus teaches. If you have listened to the song, then that secret prayer includes you.

Offered in the Love of Christ.




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