A Powerful Prayer for My Husband

That he might be the companion of my life and my best friend

Lord, you who know every heart and who search the depths of every soul,
today I want to pray for my husband,
the beloved of my heart,
whom I chose, thanks to you, to be my companion and my best friend;
the one I preferred; the one I selected from within the passing chapters of my life.

I want to pray for his heart:
gaze on it with tenderness and caress his deepest wounds;
heal his memory of any painful recollections and place unending joy on his lips.

Flood his heart with love,
so that his words and deeds
transmit to those who surround him
the companionship and security
that we so need.

Strengthen his hands
so that his work is dignified and well done.
Guide his thoughts so that each of his steps is blessed.

Never take your gaze from his day,
so that he feels that he is your beloved.

Draw him toward the fount of your love,
if ever he finds himself distant.
Keep him ardently united to you,
if already he clings to your loves.

Take his hand and guide him each day
so that as a father and husband
he might be faithful to your commands
and that his very presence
might inspire fortitude, courage and security.

Grant that his family find in him
a support and guide, source of strength and aid
in every situation.

Grant that our children discover in him
a perfect model of love
and security;

may they learn in his arms the value of work and fidelity,
and from his words,
may they drink honesty and responsibility

Bless his work and his hands, which day after day continue their labors;
may his every path be blessed.
And grant that I, as his wife, discover in him
the true and eternal love that I always desired.

Give me the ability to understand him and love him,
without trying to change him, but rather to value him.

Grant that I admonish with prudence and walk at his side respecting his individuality and differences.
Grant that I might love him and that each day I bring him,
with my prayer and example,
toward our goal, which is Heaven,
where love is eternal.

Grant that I find in him
the fount of human love,
that his heart never be disturbed
and that our hearts
might beat together to the same rhythm of love,
so that those who share our days
might see in us the beauty of God’s love in our lives.



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