Prayer To Be Steady During Panic (Coronavirus)

What’s the difference between prudence, worry, and panic? Will protecting your family make it harder for others to protect theirs? How do you deal with the constant avalanche of bad news?

There are no easy answers these days. Nobody is exactly sure what to do. Some are negligent and others go way overboard. In times like these, your faith becomes more important than ever.

Instead of imaging the worst case scenario, remember, people have survived much worse. Sometimes, the panic and fear are greater than any real danger.

Today, the followers of Christ must be his representatives more than ever. Get strength from prayer and God’s word. Stay connected and supportive with each other. Bring calm and hope to any encounter. Be aware, intelligently informed, and strong. Pray hard. The times call for this more than ever. And keep sharing the Good News as souls depend on it for salvation.

A clear, solid, faith-based response to any crisis is the best thing you can do for yourself, your loved ones, and your community.

Do you really believe in Jesus Christ? Then it’s time to show it now. You can do it!


O blessed Lord,

The world is so complex. Danger and confusion appear everywhere. I feel afraid sometimes.

How can I stay steady, O Lord? Will you help me?

Remind me again that you alone are sovereign. Help me to accept the limits of my existence.

Show me again that despite my smallness, you revealed yourself to me.

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You chose to love me. Christ bled and died for me.

Reveal to my soul the truth of the resurrection. Eternal life is God’s promise for all those who believe.

From the wounds of Christ may I find peace, for he has overcome the world.

The Lord is my strength & security. In him I have great hope. With Jesus I am not afraid.

In the name of Jesus,


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